Car Service | Decoding 4 Smoke Colours Coming From Your Car's Exhaust System

The exhaust system in your car enables harmful gases to be emitted through a process of combustion. Some smoke coming out of your exhaust is normal because of combustion, but if the smoke changes colour or flows out in excess, then this could be a sign of an internal engine problem. This guide helps you decode different smoke colours coming from your car's exhaust system. If you notice any of them, visit a professional car service immediately to prevent any catastrophic engine problems later. [Read More]

Considerations to take when deciding whether to buy a new or an old grain trailer

Grain trailers are invaluable pieces of equipment for many farmers, as they work both for plantation and feeding. Without them you would have to do a lot more manual work, which is something most farmers already do enough of. When it comes to buying a grain trailer for your farm, there are a lot of things you need to think about to make sure you get the best type of vehicle available for your budget and needs. [Read More]

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

Before you buy a vehicle anywhere in Australia, you need to understand the laws about pre-purchase car inspections; not only will you need certain paperwork and proof of this inspection before you can register certain vehicles, but you may also want to go beyond what's required by law in order to protect your purchase. Note a few commonly asked questions about a pre-purchase vehicle inspection to help you to know what to schedule and what to expect when buying a vehicle. [Read More]

Blue, White, and Black: What Can a Car's Exhaust Smoke Colour Tell You?

A cloud of smoke spewing from the exhaust of a vehicle is an obvious sign of trouble, but the underlying issues can be hard to pin down. One way to identify the probable cause is by checking the colour of the smoke, then reading through this list. Blue Smoke Blue smoke is often seen as less serious than more visually-ominous black smoke, but often indicates more serious problems. Blue smoke is a common sign of engine damage, and will often occur when oil is leaking. [Read More]