Automotive: Common Culprits of Engine Knocking

A problem most motorists will experience at one time or another with their vehicle is engine knocking. Nevertheless, not many people are aware what this auto problem is or the reason why it comes about in the first place. The first thing to note is that engine knocking is also referred to as engine detonation or engine pinging. When the engine is working at optimum, the fuel will combust in a single ball of fire within the cylinder. [Read More]

Useful Tips For Picking Up and Driving Your Hire Car At Night

Driving your car hire at night may be inevitable if you are collecting it from the airport after the arrival of your flight. Also, if you are planning a journey to a country with few daylight hours, you may find yourself collecting your hire car during the night. Here you will learn some useful tips that will ensure that the process of collecting your hire car is as stress-free as possible. [Read More]

Two Tips For Keeping Your Personal Data Secure During A Car Rental

Renting a car while you are away on vacation is a very convenient way to get around town. When finished with a rental car, many adults go through it with a fine-tooth comb to make sure no personal belongings are left behind. However, did you know you could be leaving personal data behind inadvertently? As someone who is a new smartphone owner, there are two major ways to make sure your phone doesn't leave information about you in the rental car. [Read More]

3 Things That Lead to Leakages in Your Shock Absorber

There is nothing as irritating as taking a ride in a vehicle with bad shock absorbers. It ruins the ride comfort, and you will be bouncing off the seats each time the car hits a bump or pothole. With good shocks absorbers, however, you might not even notice some of the bumpy areas on the road. They absorb energy rather than shock. Bad shocks mean that your vehicle will keep bouncing up and down long after you have passed the bump. [Read More]