Trailer Repairs: Do Your Brakes Require Servicing?

Your brakes may not be one of the attractive aspects of your vehicle but this does not diminish how crucial they are for your driving safety. Therefore, it is prudent to ensure you pay attention to any warning signs that your brakes may have become compromised. Granted, there are obvious symptoms that would draw your attention to this such as your brake light turning on or experiencing difficulty slowing down. However, these are not the only indications of an underlying problem. [Read More]

Fundamental Towing Tips for First-Time Car Owners

If you own a car, then you know that it will malfunction at one point or another. The most unfortunate scenario is when your car fails while you are on the road driving. In such a case, you can either call your mechanic for roadside repairs or tow your car to the nearest auto repair shop. Chances of fixing your car fully by the roadside are usually limited. Therefore, most car owners will prefer to tow. [Read More]

Brake Failure: How to Stop Your Car in an Emergency

Imagine driving at speed and pressing your foot on the brake pedal only to discover that it isn't working. This is every driver's worst nightmare. Thankfully, it is a very rare event. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared for a total brake failure when driving your car. Below is a guide to the actions you should take if your vehicle's brakes fail. Stay calm Although it is likely you will be filled will panic the moment you realise that the brakes have failed, it is important that you try to stay calm and keep a level head. [Read More]

3 Ways for Beginners to Find Auto Parts for a Classic Car Restoration Project

A classic car can be a breath of fresh air in a motor industry that is increasingly being dominated by third generation vehicles. There is always something unquestionably astounding about the sound of a revving engine of a classic car. For classic car enthusiasts, the major challenge with owning one is finding the right auto parts when and if you need them. Beginners who want to keep their classic cars in top shape must look hard to find the right auto parts. [Read More]