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Understand the Basics of Diesel Fuel Injectors to help you Diagnose Various Problems

To best understand the various diesel fuel injector problems and their diagnosis, it is necessary to learn some basics on their design and operation. Creation of fuel injectors has seen a big development in the automotive industry. They play a big role in ensuring fuel efficiency and less pollution to the environment. Fuel injectors contribute largely to the overall functioning of the vehicle coupled with other parts and systems. The following guide will help you diagnose the various problems by explaining the diesel fuel injection systems and the various roles they play.

Let's look at the basic process of how the diesel fuel injection system works and the various fuel injection activities.

The Basics of Diesel Fuel Injection System

Car engine systems use an internal combustion process to generate power. Two ingredients are necessary for this process to take place; oxygen and diesel fuel. The engine of your vehicle absorbs oxygen gas from the air and diesel from the tank of the vehicle. A well-installed air intake system delivers oxygen to the engine while the fuel injection system delivers the diesel. To ensure efficiency, the diesel supply to the engine is limited as well as the amount of oxygen. Due to the fluctuating amount of oxygen in the air, the fuel injection system must constantly alter the amount of diesel being delivered.

Role of the Diesel Fuel Injector

Fuel injector systems have an important role in the delivery fuel to the engine. They ensure delivery of an exact amount of diesel the engine of the vehicle needs as the requirements change quickly and constantly. This is enabled by a valve with electronic controls in the injector system that receives and controls signals from the engine of the vehicle.

The gas pump delivers pressurized diesel in the fuel injector as the engine instructs the injector to open its valves to let the diesel pass through a nozzle. The flow allows a constant supply of diesel to the engine of your vehicle necessary for its movement.

The Common Problems with the Fuel Injector

Dirty Fuel Injectors

Burning of fuel can leave some residues on the fuel injectors which can burn to form a crust. The crust may result to weak spraying ability and uneven patterns of fuel supply.

Blocked Fuel Injectors

The fuel injector valve may fail to open due to faulty windings or rusted fuel injector.

Fuel Injectors Failing to Close

The valve may fail to close due to a buildup of rust or fuel additives. It could also be a faulty spring that controls the closing and opening movement of the valve.

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